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Trigger alert: domestic violence.

A. Age

B. Industry you work in

C. Occupation

D. Postcode

1. Would you agree that DV is an issue that can impact on people at work?

2. Would you agree that workplaces have a role in supporting victims and survivors of DV to keep their jobs?

3. Have you experienced DV while employed?

4. Has anybody you know experienced DV while employed?

5. Does your workplace have a policy about DV and work?

6. Have you received training about this policy or is it promoted?

7. Does your workplace provide any DV entitlements in its agreements or contracts with staff?

8. Do you know what these entitlements are?

9. Would you feel comfortable approaching your employer (eg supervisor, HR, manager) to ask for support if you or a work colleague was suffering DV?

10. Do you think your employer would support this request?

11. What kind of supports at work do you think might be useful to an employee experiencing DV?
Tick all below that you consider important or useful

12. Do you have any other suggestions re:support at work for an employee experiencing DV?

13. Do you know of anybody who has ever had to leave their job because of DV?

14. Do you find the information on the website useful?

15. Do you have any other feedback about the website?

16. Any additional comments about DV and work either from your own experience or in general?

Thank you for being part of our statewide survey covering 2.5 million Working Women in QLD. If you would like more information specific to DV and your workplace please raise the matter with your QWWS Industrial Officer if we are assisting you with an industrial matter, or click here

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