DV Work Aware – Survey for private and community sector employers Managers & HR practitioners





1. DFV is a private matter and not generally the concern of the workplace

2. DFV can affect a workplace’s overall productivity caused by staff turnover and absenteeism

3. Responding to domestic and family violence (DFV) should be a high priority for workplaces.

4. Workplaces have a legal responsibility to protect an employee’s safety in situations of DFV.

5. Workplaces should be proactive in protecting employees and be equipped to respond to situations of DFV

6. Managers and HR should be specifically trained to respond to DFV in the workplace.

7. It is possible that employees at my workplace may be experiencing or perpetrating DFV.

8. I would be confidently able to recognise the signs that a co-worker or employee was experiencing DFV.

9. Workplaces should maintain an up to date referral list for specialist DFV services to assist employees experiencing DFV in accessing help.

10. Specific workplace policies are the most effective way to manage issues surrounding DFV at work.

11. Would you feel confident supporting an employee to access this policy?

12. Does your workplace have a DFV policy in place?

13. Does your workplace have a diversity and inclusion strategy in place including gender equality?

14. Are you interested in information about free DFV workplace response resources that may assist organisations wishing to support employees with issues of DFV?

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Your organisation’s details are confidential and will be de-identified in reproduction of survey results


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