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Federal funding to the Queensland Working Women’s Service Inc to support the Working Women Queensland advisory and advocacy program terminated on 31 December 2016, and the Federal government has made no commitment to ongoing funding despite the thousands of requests that have been made by our supporters.  After 22 years as an independent service assisting vulnerable women, QWWS is FACING CLOSURE.  Sign the petition to  Save our Working Women’s Centres!


Working Women Queensland provides direct services to vulnerable women in  Queensland about their rights at work through a telephone advisory service.

Our vision is for equitable and fair outcomes for Queensland women in their employment. We strive to be a leading source of expertise in improving the status of women in the workplace.

We promote justice and equality in the workplace through:

– challenging gender-based inequality;
– challenging the exploitation of young people in the workplace;
– advocating for and assisting women with workplace issues, such as domestic violence, discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying and enforcing workplace rights.

Our work is characterised by:
– Working with each other and those outside our organisation in ways that are inclusive, collaborative, consultative, respectful and consistent with a feminist approach.

Over the past four years the service has gone from being a fully staffed service available to women every day to now operating only three mornings a week with the support of volunteers

The Queensland Government has indicated it will continue to assist the service with funding however WWQ can now only offer limited advocacy and support services beyond telephone advice and rely on a network of pro-bono professionals to support women who are seeking justice for their matters.

Please help keep our vital service open! Thank you for everyone’s generous support.


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