Save the Working Women's Centres Campaign



Working Women’s Centres provide direct services to vulnerable women in Australia about their rights at work and with the objective of assisting women to remain in employment and reduce the risk of poverty, reliance on welfare or financial hardship.

We provide assistance to women experiencing workplace related issues, such as: domestic violence, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and workplace bullying.

Northern Territory Working Women’s Centre has been operating since 1994, 22 years.

Working Women’s Centre South Australia has been operating since 1979, 37 years.

Working Women Queensland has been operating since 1994, 22 years but ceased to be supported by the Commonwealth Government in 2016. Since then funding is from the Queensland Government and in January 2018 WWQ became a program under the umbrella of Basic Rights Qld Inc.

Warm thanks to all our supporters who voiced concern about the defunding of the WWQ program and we hope that the government acts upon your call to action with sustainable funding in the near future.