CALL TO ACTION: Ensure Queensland Working Women’s Services remain open to vulnerable women

April 14, 2016


Since 1994 QWWS has assisted thousands of women to obtain workplace justice and address issues such as pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, termination of employment, the impact of domestic violence on work, workplace bullying and underpayment of wages.

Without continued state and federal support and funding, the service will be forced to reduce its operations as of Dec 2016, and is at risk of closure. You can show your support by sending a letter to Senator Michaelia Cash (Federal Minister for Women and Minister for Employment). You can also cc your emails to other members relevant to your electorate.

Below you will find a sample letter, however you might also like to write your own or add a personal story that elaborates on how the issue affects you, your family, or your organisation. The more personal your letter, the more impact it is likely to have. If appropriate, attach it to your letterhead.

If you do send a letter or email, please send a copy to us at

Lets keep our service open and continue to assist the thousands of women each year who seek our support.


With warm thanks,

Kerriann Dear Director QWWS Inc.

Sample letter: Federal Minister Michaelia Cash