Our Mission

WWQ is the service delivery arm or our not-for profit organisation. WWQ provides direct services to vulnerable women in Queensland about their rights at work and with the objective of assisting women to remain in employment and reduce the risk of poverty, reliance on welfare or financial hardship.

The Queensland Working Women’s Service began delivering services to women throughout the state in 1994 with a Commonwealth Government grant that recognised women were in a disadvantaged bargaining position in the workplace.

The organisation incorporated in 1995 and was funded by both State and Commonwealth governments until 2012 when State support was withdrawn. From late 2015 we again received funding from State government.

QWWS Mission Statement

QWWS provides a service that empowers and advocates for the attainment of social justice for women in the workplace.

QWWS Vision Statement

Our vision is for equitable and fair outcomes for Queensland women and youth in their employment. We strive to be a leading source of expertise in improving the status of women in the workplace.

QWWS Value Statement

We promote equality in the workplace through:

  • challenging gender-based inequality
  • challenging the exploitation of young people in the workplace.

Our work is characterised by:
Working with each other and those outside our organisation in ways that are inclusive, collaborative, consultative, respectful and consistent with a feminist approach.

Please find below the QWWS Constitution:



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