Objects of Working Women Queensland

Objects of Queensland Working Women’s Service Inc.

(a) Providing practical assistance to women who are suffering due to a combination of their special vulnerability and being exploited or unfairly treated in their workplace. This may include providing information about their legal rights; supporting women to negotiate with their employer; representing women in negotiations with their employer; counselling; and referrals to other services; and

(b) Advocating for systemic social and legal change for the benefit of all women with special vulnerability who experience exploitation or unfair treatment in the workplace.

(c) The Association may pursue such other incidental objects as may be deemed reasonably necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the principal purpose.

In this clause:

I. ‘Special vulnerability’ means vulnerability to exploitation and unfair treatment for reasons including, but not limited to: poverty, disability, age, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status, limited understanding of the English language, and family violence;

II. ‘Exploited or unfairly treated’ includes unfair dismissal and other forms of termination prohibited by Australia’s employment and industrial relations laws; sexual harassment; violence; abuse; and bullying.

Please find below the QWWS Constitution: