• Working Women Queensland(WWQ) provides a free, confidential & supportive service to help vulnerable women with work-related matters

      Problems At Work?

      WWQ is a project of the QWWS. WWQ is funded to provide information and advice about workplace issues to vulnerable women in Queensland. We may be able to assist you with matters such as: unfair dismissal or redundancy; discrimination, sexual harassment; employment contracts including pay and conditions; workplace bullying, domestic violence and work; and occupational health and safety.

      All women are welcome to contact WWQ, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, culturally diverse and LGTB women. We target our services to women in the most vulnerable circumstances.

      Please see our information sheets or contact our 1800 621 458 freecall number to talk to one of our trained Industrial Officer staff.

      Need assistance outside of Queensland? Visit Working Women’s Centres

      Latest News

      CALL TO ACTION: Ensure Queensland Working Women’s Services remain open to vulnerable women

      Posted on April 14, 2016

      Since 1994 QWWS has assisted thousands of women to obtain workplace justice and address issues such as pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment, termination of employment, the impact of domestic violence on work, workplace bullying and underpayment of wages. Without continued state

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      Our Federal funding contract terminates on the 25th of December 2016, and the Federal government has made no commitment to ongoing funding. WE ARE FACING CLOSURE. We have been providing our service to the Queensland community for 20 years. We

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